JCEtheredge.com: About Me

Alrighty then, bio time-version 3.0. I'll try not to make this one as depressingly sarcastic as the last. So yeah, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I can never be caught without a pad and pen on me.

My earliest influences were the comics in the Sunday paper, mostly Shultz's Peanuts. I practically learned to read with those comics. I'd get the anthologies and read them cover to cover. The first comics I ever did were full-on Peanuts rip-offs. Eventually though, I started coming up with original characters and storylines taking inspiration from everywhere- cartoons, comics, sitcoms, friends, family, you get the idea.

There are never really any deep messages or analytical motifs in my work. What you see is what you get. As a commercial artist, my primary goal is to make money. So don't read into anything I do. However, that isn't to say that I'm not trying to communicate personal beliefs and opinions because there's a bit of social commentary in pretty much everything I do.

I studied Illustration at Pratt Institute, got my BFA in Communications Design in 2002 and am currently working out of Brooklyn. If you like anything you see on this site, feel free to e-mail me and let me know. But I'm slightly more apt to respond if you're someone important who can give me some dough. (*joke*-- I reply to everyone.)

Wow, I managed to get through the new bio without cursing or complaining at all! Go me! Maybe I've actually finally grown into that humble, peaceful, content person I've always wanted to be. Or maybe I just didn't want to scare people off this time around by yelling about how much my profession sucks becasue I'm not rich. Oh hell, I slipped into the cynicism again.

E-mail: jc@jcetheredge.com