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01-27-06 : Take a look at the new X-MEN character designs I've put up in the portfolio section.

10-06-05 : Added a new illustration to my portfolio-- an X-Men cover featuring the telepatic gals.

10-03-05 : Added an insteresting collage to the portfolio section.

06-17-05 : Added illustrations and bios for Paxton and Darling over in Supreme Dominion.

04-19-05 : VERSION 3.0 YEEAAH!! Welcome to the revamped JCEtheredge.com! As far as updates go, there are little opening animations in most of my sections now. Yeah, I know I was vehemently against that in the past, but now I see where pointless animation has its place... kinda. Nah, I just wanted to show folks that I know Flash now-- haha. In the Portfolio section I have some new stuff up, including some animations, which can also be found in the Duk-Duk Brown and Supreme Dominion sections. Hope everyone enjoys the new site!


My day rate is $200. Individual projects themselves will vary in price depending on how complicated they are. A more complicated project that would take 3 days to finish would cost $600, whereas, a more simple piece that I could do in a day would cost $200. Feel free to e-mail me for a quote.


1) Clients will view a pencil sketch of the work and request any changes they see fit.

2) After the pencils are approved, clients will view a low-res, watermarked version of the finished piece. At this point, changes to the piece can only be negotiated.

3) For business commissions, clients have up to 30 days prior to reciept of the finished work to pay. For personal commissions, payment must be recieved before work is delivered. I accept check, money order, and Paypal transfers.

4) Clients will recieve a CD with the work in PSD, JPG, TIF, and PDF formats. At this point, the piece belongs to the client to do with whatever he/she wants. However, all clients must agree to my showing the work on my websites as a portfolio piece.

E-mail: jc@jcetheredge.com