Full Name: Hocknorock
Affiliation: The Conglomerate
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Magenta
Weapon: Mallet
Bio: When Margeaux first came to the Kingdom of Taguon to marry the King, Hocknorock, lurking under the bridge, attacked and tried to rob her carriage. Margeaux, in turn, almost killed him and stole his mechanical claw. Hocknorock is a skilled craftsman and weapon maker and was steamed with Margeaux for taking one of his most prized creations. The Queen always tries to murder Hocknorock every time she encounters him but he always manages to escape and come back for more. The truth is Hocknorock no longer cares about the claw and is just infatuated with the Queen.


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